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Harvest, Trademark Village Market

Why did the crab keep all the seaweed to itself? Because it was shellfish. *ba dum tsss* 🥁

First of all, I would like to thank the Kenyan Government for building the Westlands Redhill Link Road!! I'm telling you, going to Village Market has never been faster; we moved from Lavington to Village Market in less than 20 minutes. What a miracle!!

Anyway, that's besides the point. Harvest.

I had no prior knowledge of this restaurant before a certain Sunday when my family and I were up to our 'after church shenanigans' and decided to put the Westlands Redhill Link Road to the test. We found ourselves in Village Market and spoiled for choice; the new mall is home to so many new and exciting restaurants that we were literally confused. But what drew us to Harvest was the really big sign on the left side of the mall. So we said, "Why not?"

The decor is colourful, classy and has a homey feel. It looks like the living room you never knew you wanted. It's also spacious, so you're assured of getting a seat.

I was thinking about eating seafood the entire day, especially something that had crab; and this because I recently developed a little guilty pleasure of binge watching seafood Mukbang videos and those guys make crab look so YUMMY!! I literally salivate every time I watch those videos. So I decided that I can't be left out so, I ordered for the Seafood Stew that had calamari, white fish fillet, prawn, saffron-poached potato, vegetables, grilled bread, peppers rouille and crab- of course.

The food was served on black plates. They weren't your average restaurant plates; they were flat and black, which made us feel like we could see ALL the food because the contrast of the cutlery and table really brought out the colours in the food. Mine came in a large soup bowl, filled with all my favourite fishy contents swimming in a creamy sauce and garnished to perfection. I have never been more ready to devour a meal.

Most importantly, I was ready for that crab 🦀

I took a spoonful; and as the harmony among the calamari, prawn, white fish and crab gyrated in my mouth, I could only think of one thing, the sandy beaches of Kilifi. I couldn't help but imagine myself under a palm tree, enjoying the cool breeze, sipping on a madafu (coconut) while listening to the waves of the Indian Ocean crashing against each other in the background, it felt like a dream. Also, the creamy sauce was hearty and made me feel whole inside- quite literally might I add. You can never go wrong with a seafood stew, in my opinion. However, this dish is very rich because of the cream. So, if you aren't a cream fan, leave it alone.

Disclaimer: The crab wasn't as crabtastic as I thought it would be. But maybe that's because I ordered a meal that didn't really let the crab shine on its own. Or maybe those videos triggered my imagination to wander too far and I may have distorted my own perception of how a crab should taste when in reality, it isn't all that. But, anyway, the search for good crab continues.

Nitty - Gritties

  • Seafood stew- Ksh. 2,700/-

  • In general the prices are much higher than the average Nairobi restaurant, however, it's a great place to spend your cash on dinner parties for special occasions.

  • Food Rating- 8/10

  • Ambience Rating- 8.5/10

  • Overall rating- 8/10

  • Location- Trademark Hotel in Village Market, Gigiri.

See you in the next post.

- T


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